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Tex Challengers Asia Services: Woven Tops, Bottoms, and Jackets

We help you to source the best quality garments from Bangladesh

We are the #1 Woven Top, Woven Bottom & Jacket  manufacturer from Bangladesh. 

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Design & Development


Knit Manufacturing

Woven Manufacturing

Enjoy all types of RMG services under a single umbrella

How are we sustainable?

Sustainable Materials

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Consuming less energy

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Consuming less chemical

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Consuming less water

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Keep track the changes of apparels style and create innovative experience.

We feel pride for our innovative and visionary design and development team. Our team is always updated with latest technology, style and trending.



We claim ourselves more innovative and trendy than 89% competitor in apparel manufacturing and supplying arena.


Action Plans

Almost we are succeeded 97% to reach our goal in time for our outstanding action plans.


Big Projects

Our maximum work order were very large in quantity. We completed around 79% big projects.


Great Taste

Our every clients have gotten a great experiences and tastes of undated and trendy fashion style and 86% of our total clients sent us their happy feedback.


Tex Challengers Asia has been in apparel manufacturing business for a long time, we are doing business with them for a long time. I am really satisfied with Tex Challengers Asia

Elizabet Sofia Tex Challengers Asia Buyer
Elizabeth Sofia Director

We have been working with Tex Challengers Asia for last five years. We are very happy with the quality of their fabric and apparel.

Amelia Anna Lena Tex Challenegers Asia Client
Amelia Anna Lena Purchasing Manager

Working closely with Tex Challengers Asia was easy by it's inimitable way of simplifying the process and making it very easy to understand. They helped us make the correct critical decisions, and their knowledge of the process was second to none.

Dylon Boyed
Dylon Boyed Chief Executive Officer

Working with Tex Challengers Asia (an Apparel Sourcing Agency) has been tremendous for our business.Sourcing product ranges directly from the factory, not only allow us to maintain our margin, but also be competitive on price when we need to, without affecting profitability.They have considerably enhanced our brand proposition, and removed all the pain and drudgery of design and development of our product ranges.Fast and efficient, I would highly recommend them

Triphia Nanjala Operation Manager

What clients say about us

We worked for around 70 clients from all over the world and maximum of them have shared their thought about us.

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