Tex Challengers always identify new suppliers world-wide based on their product range, financial status, infrastructure, and environmental control, adherence to labor laws, manpower and efficiency of management, Information & Technological support


We take an extra step to source the most appropriate vendor for our customers. Before selection we thoroughly evaluate the Factory on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Fire Safety
  • Structural design
  • Electrical safety
  • Financial performance
  • Factory equipment & machinery
  • Factory productivity
  • Prevalent working procedures
  • Factory past performance
  • Factory personnel competency
  • Factory reputation
  • Level of professionalism
  • Logistic Technological Support

Pricing methodology

Tex Challengers Asia is driven by the maxim of achieving the desired quality at the most competitive prices, by employing on all available resources, controlling wastages, improving efficiency. We provide fast quotation service to our valued clients with all fabric and garment elements costed in and detailed on a pricing matrix. We value our relationships with our Buyers and Vendors as a high point of our business practices. We are sure to meet all your expectations, and give you a great experience in doing business with Bangladesh.

Merchandising is a core team to execute the project as hereunder:

  • Receiving tech files
  • Source the right material
  • Develop the product
  • Cost the product in open sheet
  • Settle the orders
  • Book the materials within 3 days of PO rcpt
  • TNA setting
  • Sample and other material approval progress monitoring
  • Weekly excel sheet providing to customer consisted of all orders
  • Make sure all quality methods are respected
  • Inspection timeline following
  • Book the shipping line in time

When we talk about quality, our set process comes first for reach style as here under:



Commercial Department is fully conversant with shipping, trade finance and documentation procedures. They will follow up as per each client’s requirements and dispatch documents in time for smooth flow of export and import formalities. Shipping documents are checked as per customer instruction and the copy documents such as B/L, AWB, invoice, packing list, Original GSP, Certificate of  origin, export certificate from all the suppliers are sent to the customer well in advance of the shipment to avoid any discrepancy

Trusted Partners

 We are experienced with below customers: